In addition to the main tasks of investing and developing business, from the beginning day till now, BITEX has always paid its highest attention and care to the activities which help developing the national education and community welfare such as: 12 years of funding and holding the nationwide “Solving mathematical problems on the CASIO scientific calculators” contest among gifted students, handing Tet presents to disadvantaged children, visiting and handing gifts to the poor in Quang Nam and participating many other meaningful charity activities.

With those charity activities above, BITEX was recognized and awarded a medal for educational career in 2 continuing years (2007 & 2009) by the State and Ministry of Education and Training.

During the 30 years of journey of establishment and development, BITEX has overcome all obstacles to develop and affirm its position and its name in the market. The obvious evidences are all of the noble rewards that BITEX has received such as the National Famous Brand, the Outstanding Entrepreneur of Vietnam, twice years Certificate of Standard Partner of the Kingdom of Thailand, the Gold Cup Top Ten Vietnamese Brand, the Prestigious Partner of Vietcombank and the top 1000 Highest Enterprises Income Tax.