BITEX – The Top Ranked Educational Equipment Distributor in Viet Nam

With the guiding principles of taking credibility and product quality as the business foundation, BITEX determines to import and distribute only products from the countries with advanced technology in the world such as Japan, Thailand and Indonesia.


Being aware of the benefits of a small and compact CASIO calculator for learning and doing business, BITEX was the pioneer importer and distributor of CASIO calculators in Vietnam since 1993. With the success of CASIO calculator distribution, BITEX has become the major partner of CASIO in Vietnam. Together with the distribution of calculators, BITEX has been continuously appointed to distribute CASIO projectors in Vietnam.

Besides, in order to meet the various demands of partners as well as consumers, BITEX has also distributed educational and stationary products such as:

1. Production and distribution of office stationery Officetex

2. Production and distribution of office stationery Smartkids

3. Production and distribution of office stationery B.Bag

4. Stationery, school supplies with brand HORSE - Thailand

5. APP paper products - Indonesia

6. Electronic dictionary with brand Đại Từ Điểnbanner_trang_trong-02